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Medicinal Activated Carbon

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This product is made from high quality sawdust which is refined by scientific method and with the appearance of black powder. It is featured by large specific surface, strong adsorption capacity, fast filtration speed and high purity of decolorization etc. This product is applicable to the decolorization and refinement of drugs, pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, biological chemicals, phytoextraction etc., conforming to Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2015 Edition).


Quality Standards

Sorptive Ability

The iodine titration consumed should not be less than 1.2ml

Soluble Matter in Hydroelectric Acid

The residue should not exceed 10mg

Loss on Drying

The weight loss should not exceed 10.0%

Residue on Ignition

The residue should not exceed 3.0%

Ferric Salt

Not deeper by 0.05% compared with the control solution

Zinc Salt

Not thicker by 0.02% compared with the control solution


Not thicker by 0.05% compared with the control solution


Not thicker by 0.1% compared with the control solution

Heavy Metal

Its content should not exceed thirty per million

PH Value

Show neutral reaction through litmus paper

Uncarbonized Substances

Not deeper compared with the control solution

Particle Size

200 mesh(75um)pass 90%.min


[Test Method] In accordance with Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China?(2015 edition)

[Package] Packed in plastic woven bags, 15kg, 18kg, 20kg or 25kg each bag; or in cartons, 10kg, 15kg each carton.

[Remark]?For the quality indicators not listed, the appropriate products can be produced according to the customer's requirements

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